Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

Dec 16, 2016

A casino, or any other business will benefit in many ways when it takes time to give back to their community. By getting involved in charity events, your casino will help those in need, boost employee moral, help make new professional connections, and enhance your position within the community. While many businesses recognize the perks of giving back, it’s sometimes difficult to find a practical way of taking this idea and turning it into action. Here are some ways your casino can give back this holiday season!

Your casino could organize or participate in a charity drive to help raise items such as food, coats, backpacks, snow boots or toys. This is a great way to provide to those in need in your community, and it allows your employees to participate in an easy but rewarding mission.

Your casino could sponsor, host, or organize a fundraising event. Sponsoring an event for another organization can help raise funds to reach their goal and can help them spread the word, as well as highlights your property in a philanthropic manner. To help raise more money and attract a larger crowd, your casino could donate a prize to be auctioned off during the event. You could also host an event in your event space to provide the charity with ample room at a low rate to ensure the funds go to the cause rather than other expenses. Even though organizing an event can be labor intensive due to the level of preparation and planning involved, it allows you to freely choose the organization or cause your casino/staff would like to help.

It is also rewarding to offer your employees with a ‘volunteer day’. Allow your employees to sign up to serve at places such as a community kitchen, shelter, or to help walk animals at a humane society. A task as simple as offering to shovel for someone who isn’t capable of doing it on his or her own will go a long way too.

Taking the time to give back, large or small, can have a huge impact on your casino property and your entire community. Do what you can to spread a little holiday cheer this year.