Do You Use ROI To Develop Your Promotions

May 6, 2016

How does your team create and develop your casino’s promotional plan? Do they continue to repeat the same promotions because they hear passing comments that the guests like them? Or do they gauge a promotion’s success (or lack of) simply by whether the casino ‘was pretty busy or not’? Or… do they take the time and effort to determine the ROI of each promotion in both the short-view and long-view, and use that data to make much more informed decisions?

JamesDugan Casino Marketing has years of experience assisting casino clients analyze promotions to extract the necessary information, and working together, discover how to best use this information to modify, improve and maximize your financial return on them.

JamesDugan Casino Marketing has unique and specific expertise in developing effective marketing strategies to achieve your casino’s goals. Our services include marketing and Native American casino strategy solutions, video/audio production, web design and development, social media and digital marketing, graphic design, public relations, and media procurement and placement services. We uncover innovative solutions to connect your guests to your brand, and we deliver tangible results that positively affect your coin-in, revenue and profitability.