5 Strategies for Creating Winning Facebook Posts

Oct 16, 2015

Facebook post idea generation is arguably one of the hardest tasks as a social media strategist. If you're responsible for producing fresh content for your casino Facebook page, over time, you may have witnessed your voice become repetitive, unfocused or just plain boring. Don't let your content go dry. Grow your fan base and increase post likes, comments and shares with these five posts strategies proven to increase Facebook page engagement.

1. Openly discuss casino updates and community events.

If you're a small to medium size casino, you have a profound impact on the community. Sharing casino facility updates spurs commentary as most followers personally relate to the subject matter. Furthermore, discussing current events in the community may not only encourage social interaction but get more people in the door after they attend a nearby event or attraction.

2. Utilize the power of pictures.

Want 53 percent more likes, 104 percent more comments and 84 percent more link clicks on your posts? Post photos! In a 2013 study referenced by Kissmetrics, photo based posts received higher engagement than the average text- and link-based posts. When Facebook users scroll through their news feeds, eye-catching pictures always stand out above basic copy.

3. Ask simple questions pertaining to your casino.

Facebook posts that pose questions receive 100 percent more comments according to Kissmetrics. Not only is this a great way to engage with your audience, but also gather customer feedback. Add some variety to your inquiries: ask open-ended questions, require fans to fill in the blank or, if you're feeling ambitious, create a poll within Facebook. Your fans will also appreciate having their opinions heard.

4. Highlight real winner stories.

Showcasing your winners' photos and winning amount is a genuine way to promote post likes and possibly even foot traffic! People come to casinos to be entertained, yes, but who doesn't hope for the BIG WIN! Your posts prove people actually do win! Winners, and friends of winners on Facebook, may also be more likely to share posts with their circle of friends, collecting additional "thumbs up" for your business.

5. Promote contests.

Contests not only encourage fan interaction, but also increase overall Facebook page likes. According to a study by ShortStack.com, companies saw a 29 percent average increase in likes after implementing a Facebook page contest. But really, who isn't motivated by FREE stuff? Before launching a Facebook contest, consider what your objective is. Do you want to increase your page likes, get people to share a status update or join your other social networks? After you lock-in your goal, choose a prize that will get your fans to take the action you desire. Make your call-to-action obvious. What do you want your audience to do with the information you put in front of them? Like, Comment, Share, provide an email for entry? Note: before running any contest on Facebook, check Facebook's Page Guidelines.

Of course, several other factors can be attributed to high post engagement: appropriate timing of posts, increased frequency of posts and solid fan nurturing. (We'll save these topics for another time.) But to start, monitor your fan engagement closely using Facebook Insights to help determine the post-mix best suited for your audience.