4 Tips to Master Casino Social Media

Nov 4, 2015

As a casino marketer, you want to display your message where the most people will embrace it. In the digital age, one of the most effective ways to do this is through social media. The interactive nature of social media makes it a ripe environment for marketers and companies looking for new and current client engagement. Casinos can encourage customers to engage in their information through prize offers or helpful information. Social media provides the opportunity to make real connections with clients, and demonstrate the best aspects of any casino facility. Read on our ways to improve your casino social media experience!

1. Find Your Strength

Casino clients are flooded with information about facilities surrounding them. To a lot of customers, all casinos can seem alike. Of course, we know that each one has different strengths that appeal to their clients. As a casino marketer, you have to find the thing that makes your casino stand out! Perhaps your casino's restaurant serves an exotic cuisine, or has machines that others do not. Find those details that differentiate you from the pack, and tell your social media followers about it.

2. Start a Conversation

In the past, creating advertisements was often a one-way street. A company would create content, place it on a television, radio or newspaper outlet, and hope for the best. One of the extraordinary things about social media is how quickly your clients are able to interact with your message. Of course, this changes the way you should act on social media. If you post a promotion or upcoming event, be sure to stick around and see what people say. If you can answer a client's question about event timing just minutes after she posts about it, you can make a great impression.

3. Encourage Customer Loyalty

Native American casinos are not just a business – they are a part of the community. Many clients have friends or family that work at the casino. Many of your clients have probably been coming to your facility for years. Make sure you demonstrate appreciation for their loyalty. If a Facebook user posts a picture at your casino, share it to your followers. If a Twitter user tweets at you about the wonderful time she had over the weekend, retweet it. Show your customers that you appreciate their business.

4. Create Great Imagery

On Facebook, photos are by far the most engaging type of content. Some surveys show that images generate 53 percent more likes than the average post! Visual content is easier to consume than text, so make sure you are accompanying your posts with imagery. Videos and pictures can be a great way to show your customers the type of unique experience they can have in your casino. Jackpot winners and their friends and family love to see pictures of themselves on the casino social media page. Look for inventive ways to create stellar, original imagery, and your customers will respond.


Social media can seem complex because of the different marketing opportunities and choices available. But, if you implement your social media marketing plan with your customers' needs in mind, social media can be enormously successful.