A Lot To Do... Not A Lot Of Time To Do It

Client C was a 17 year old small casino that received funding to build a new 250 machine casino, hotel and golf course.  The project was fast-tracked and JamesDugan Casino Marketing was brought in at the eleventh hour to serve as the marketing firm of record and to define the new casino’s brand, position, aesthetic, provide training and to direct and execute all marketing and advertising activities.

The Challenge:

Getting involved with a project of this magnitude with only five months remaining before opening caused a number of unique challenges for JamesDugan Casino Marketing. 

The Situation:

With many contractors, OR's, tribal and council members, financial sources and the entire region looking at the process of getting this new casino on-line and open to the public, JamesDugan Casino Marketing worked closely with the casino management, tribal council, and many various companies and personell to ensure all casino branding and creative development remained consistent and presented properly,  that a comprehensive marketing and advertising plan was in-place, and that the casino adhered to appropriate marketing budget allocations, player development programs and more.

The Solution:

JamesDugan Casino Marketing to focus and prioritize all pre-opening activities and perform many multiple projects on parallel paths.

We partnered with Client C and immediately performed deep research of their past promotions, marketing, advertising, promotions, audience, brand perception, etc.  We also polled and researched the nearest sizeable population base to understand the geographical hurdles.

We first acted to “get the house in order” by updating promotional designs, newsletter/calendar graphics, slightly evolved the brand, and worked to develop standards for all messaging within and outside the property.  The development of a new website ensured that, as the new audiences were being exposed to Client C’s messages, they would have an enjoyable, branded experience while visiting their website.

We also strategically planned expanded billboard exposure to capture more audience in and around the population bases, along with a strategic TV, radio and print campaign.  Digital marketing and consistent Social Media efforts are also part of the plan.