Casino Marketing with Results

JamesDugan Casino Marketing is based in the Upper Plains and serves casinos in an ever-expanding geography.  We have partnerships with Dakota Sioux, Lakota Sioux, Mdewakanton, Santee Sioux and the Chippewa Communities throughout South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin, and the list continues to grow.  We also have strong working relationships with the Midwest Alliance of Sovereign Tribes (MAST), Consolidated Casino Systems, and are recommended as members of the ‘forward team’ for Shakopee’s casino development system.

We invest in continuing education within this great industry, staying up to date with trends, new technology, and always working to slice and dice the mathematics of casinos to allow us to truly understand the ROI of any given promotion.  If you ask your team how well a promotion worked and they tell you, “It was good! We were really busy!”, it’s time for JamesDugan Casino Marketing to show you how to cut through the clutter and have a per forma and post forma strategy to determine a promotion’s success.

JamesDugan Casino Marketing has unique and specific expertise in developing effective marketing strategies designed to achieve your casino’s goals. We uncover innovative solutions to connect your guests to your brand, and we deliver tangible results that positively affect your coin-in, revenue and profitability.
From branding and strategy to promotion development and execution, when you partner with JamesDugan Casino Marketing, you’re partnering with a successful, industry-respected, Native American casino marketing and advertising firm that understands and respects your unique industry.